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At Mattress Firm, we know that soreness is often a side effect of a bad mattress. If you struggle to fall asleep, spend many nights in restless tossing or wake up feeling groggy, you probably need a new mattress. Your body needs a good night’s rest to be at its best each day, and our Washington Park Denver Mattress Firm location has just the solutions you need.

Colorado’s capital is a beautiful city with many restless sleepers, just like you. That is why we have convenient locations in and around Denver to offer you easy access to a wide range of mattresses at competitive pricing. Check out Sealy Posturepedic, Serta, Tempur-Pedic and many other solutions that can be delivered same day with our Red Carpet delivery service.

Mattress Firm brings a different kind of approach to mattress stores, with knowledgeable sleep experts and an unparalleled selection of top ranking mattresses. Trust our retail environment to provide pressure-free browsing as we focus on meeting your needs, rather than hitting a sales quota. Plus, shopping at Mattress Firm is easy with our Comfort by Color™ matching system for sorting all the options.

We’ve grown from a small 250 location chain to an impressive mattress retailer with over 2,000 locations. Mattress Firm is now the nation’s largest mattress retailer, but our focus is still on the individual. We know that large chains can mean impersonal business, so we place an emphasis on serving our customers individually, while providing you with the cost savings and financing a big chain can offer.