Greg Garrett was the number one real estate agent on the Virginia Peninsula when he opened his own brokerage firm in June of 1984. Since that time, Greg has been recognized as an innovator in the industry and has one of the most successful firms in the area. The number of clients’ homes sold each year has soared under his leadership.

Greg Garrett has helped many agents achieve high levels of success in their careers. The average Greg Garrett agent sells four times more homes than the average local or national real estate agent.

Greg Garrett’s deeply seated work ethic, strong leadership skills and a desire to provide his clients and customers the best service possible earned him a reputation as an innovator in the industry. As one of the top brokers with the largest real estate organization in the world, he was a mentor to many others.

In 1999 Greg Garrett organized his own independent real estate firm to further improve service to his clients and customers.