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Tidewater Orthopaedics in Williamsburg, Virginia. We are excited to share with our community the qualities that make our practice unique. You will notice throughout the website a focus on specialty care. Our mission is to provide the most expert level of orthopaedic care found anywhere. We choose to focus on one area of orthopaedics so we can master that subspecialty. We operate at facilities that only focus on orthopaedics, such as the Sentara Careplex Orthopaedic Hospital. Our imaging center, including an extremity MRI, digital X-Ray and ultrasound, is dedicated to orthopaedics. Our WorkAbility program is managed by a registered nurse with years of experience in worker’s compensation. Our therapy departments are specialized in treating complex orthopaedic problems. We believe this specialization approach will provide the best experience and outcome for our patients. I hope you enjoy exploring our website and please let us know what you think.